Own Your Personal Power

By Shann Vander Leek

Have you been involved in situations where personal power is traded for acceptance and peace at any cost? Finding ourselves in situations where we relinquish our personal power and over-empower others is a part of life until you learn how to protect and own your personal power. If you are a highly sensitive person, these encounters can bring forward feelings of sadness, betrayal and confusion.

Recently I was involved in a conversation about subject matter I knew very little about. Spelunking into the conversation to share an example of my rudimentary understanding, I was pounced on and treated like a fool. The exchange was unsettling because instead of holding my ground, I let myself slide into a place of insecurity, giving my power to a person who was in the mood to behave badly.

Why do we give our power away?

In this particular instance, I was out gray mattered by a person who spent years interested in areas of study I had only just begun to think about. When the terrain of conversation became challenging, I tried to explain my position, eventually lost my footing and slipped away into a sink hole.

Let's dive deeper into the curious cave of personal power and trust. Owning your power is an integral part of personal happiness, fulfilling connections and achieving your potential. You give your power away when you make someone outside of you more important than what you hold inside of you.

You give away your power when you …

  • Doubt yourself.
  • Try to make everyone happy.
  • Over-empower others by looking for approval and validation, giving them the power to hurt you.
  • Forget that you know what you're doing, and you are good at it.
  • Have poor boundaries.
  • Allow yourself to be intimidated by bluster and emotional assaults from other people.
  • Don't honor and share your truth.
You keep your power when you …
  • Learn to say "No" and mean it.
  • Stand up for yourself and believe in yourself, no matter what.
  • Stand on the courage of your convictions.
  • Ask for what you need and want.
  • Embrace the fact you have the right be treated respectfully by other people.
  • Be detached by observing other people’s behavior without attachment to the outcome.
  • Spend time with people who are kind and considerate in the midst of a spirited discussion.

Owning your power means speaking your truth, honoring your sensitivity, and believing in yourself. Your life experience, education, personal relationships, and curiosity make you wise. Always believe in yourself and protect your personal power.